Thursday, April 17, 2014

Beautiful Ride

Yesterday's ride was amazing! 

Beautiful, rolling hills through pristine woodlands made the perfect ride.

I spent most of the journey riding on my own and picking my own pace. From time to time I would catch up to the two women who were the fastest riders at the occasional lookouts, but when we got back on the road they easily moved ahead of me.

I liked setting my own pace.   I neither tried to keep up with the head of the pack or held myself back with the more leisurely riders.  Doing my own thing made for a more meditative journey.

I saw bluebirds, turkey, two variety of woodpeckers and many other birds during the ride.  I also found a small shed antler on the road, which I picked up as a special souvenir.

The wardrobe malfunction that caused extreme discomfort on the previous ride threatened to cause some issues during yesterday's ride, but thanks to some amazing people I met at the Inn in Port Gibson,  I was able to ride without major issue.  Becky and John from Lafayette,  Louisiana are also traveling parts of Mississippi by bike... and they have their dog, Boone with them in a little bike trailer.  When Becky heard about my issues she gave me some cream to ease the problem and I am so grateful for her generosity!

When I am no longer using my cell phone to post to the blog, I'll post a link to Becky and John's blog (and hopefully fix the wacky photo placement on my posts).   They are an amazing couple and their dog, Boone, is about the coolest thing on four legs!

Today is the last ride.  I almost hate to see it come to an end.


  1. Looks Beautiful! William likes the pic of you holding your bike. "Wow, Aunt Lanza is strong!"

    1. Shhh.... don't tell William... it's a really lightweight bike!